All the answers to your questions around Kredeum NFTs plugin...
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    What blockchain to you support ?
    We support Polygon/Matic, Ethereum, BSC, Fantom and Avalanche.
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    Is it possible to mint NFT's directly to OpenSea ? Basically creating a NFT collection
    Yes you can mint directly in Opensea. But our solution allows you to create your own collection and your own NFT without dependancy with OpenSea. Our solution is fully compatible with OpenSea as all NFTs created in our DAPP or using our plugin will also appear automatically in OpenSea. In our development roadmap, you'll be able to select advanced collections (Royalties ....).
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    Do you support ERC115 ?
    Currently Kredeum NFTs plugin mint ERC721 NFTs and can display most of your NFTs ERC721 or ERC1155 (depends on the network)
    In the future ERC1155 may be used to implement mulmedia NFT types : i.e. sounds, videos, pdf, etc...
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    For pictures that I already have in my library... should I re-upload them so they get IPFS archived?
    You can store any of your medias into IPSF as described here
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    Where can I find the beta version ?
    You can find latest dev version on the WordPress portal, in the link at the bottom of this page : https://wordpress.org/plugins/kredeum-nfts/advanced/
    This dev version includes all the beta features. In order to include all of them, select the beta option in the WordPress NFTs settings page
    Access to some beta feature, will be soon available on stable version
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    What type of media can I Mint ?
    At the moment, you can Mint images (jpeg, png types).
    Kredeum NFTs roadmap included other types like video, sound, pdf, etc...
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    Do I have to pay Kredeum to Mint NFTs ?
    The quick answer is No.
    The detailed answer is a bit longer : to Mint NFTs you will need to pay gas to the blockchain, that can be about 0 $ on some blockchain (like Ploygon), but can be very expensive on others, more than 50 $ (on Ethereum blockchain). No fees are required to Mint by Kredeum smartcontrat, but that may evolve in the future depending on Kredeum NFTs business model (but only apply on future Collections, not retro-active)
    In next version with "presonalized collection" a fee will be needed to create your own NFTs Collection. Then the fees needed for Minting, or Exchanging NFTs of this collection, will be your choice, a mimimum Kredeum fee could be included (like OpenSea does).