Sell your NFTs on your sites !

The easiest way to sell your NFTs. Stop using centralized NFT marketplaces ! Sell your NFTs on the sites you want ! In a real decentralized way :)

You can can create different types of NFT collections inside our NFT Factory:

  • Basic type collection: OpenNFTs (OpenNFTs generic Collection: anyone can Mint NFTs in this collection!)

    • You can sell your NFTs on NFT marketplaces as OpenSea

  • Royalties type collection: AutoMarket (AutoMarket ownable OpenNFTs Collection: own your collection, mint and sell your NFTs with royalties)

    • You can sell your NFTs directly on your wordpress sites without asking your users to buy on external and centralised NFT marketplaces with dedicated SHORTCODES

    • You can even ... sell your NFTs on any websites with our "BUY SNIPPET"

    • You can use the standard royalties

Below you can see that we added a shortcode to display a NFT collection:

You can also display one NFT:

BUILD you own NFT Marketplaces !

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