2 / Create a royaltie NFT collection

Our royaltie collection type is named "AutoMarket"

On Alpha / Beta DAPP and from v0.17.0 wordpress version plugin

Click on Create button, then Create collection button

Select AUTOMARKET, define

  • a collection name

  • a collection symbol

  • Royalty fees (we recommend max 10%)

  • Royalty receiver (by default your Metamask address)

  • Recommend price (default NFT price, can be updated during NFT creation)

Follow NFT collection creation steps:

You can now create NFTs inside your AutoMarket collection ! Define

  • Your media

  • NFT title

  • NFT description

  • NFT AutoMarket collection

  • NFT properties

  • NFT price

You'll see useful informations as Collection fees (defined during Collection creation), Kredeum protocol fees (0.9%), estimated Royalty amount

Click "Mint NFT" and follow steps

Now you can see your NFT data as:

You can ...

  • Get some useful shortcodes / snippets

    • Sell your NFT on any websites by adding a "Buy"

    • Sell your NFT on your wordpress with a custom wordpress shortcode

    • View your NFT on OpenSea with a custom wordpress shortcode

  • Transfer your NFT to who you want

  • Burn your NFT

  • Sell your NFT by defining / updating a price

Then just add the NFT buy snippet or NFT wordpress shortcodes on your web pages as https://www.kredeum.org/sardaigna/

For example https://www.kredeum.org/sardaigna/ has been created on a wordpress page with wordpress kredeum shortcodes, displaying automatically NFT images and buy buttons ...

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